Clout Nail

clout nail
clout nail
clout nail

Clout Nail

  • Material: Q195, Q235
  • Diameter: BWG6-BWG20,0.89mm–6mm
  • Length: 1/2” – 6”(2d – 60d)
  • Head Diameter: 5-11mm
  • Head Type: Flat head
  • Shank Type: Smooth
  • Finish: Polished, Electric galvanized, or hot-dipped galvanized
  • Packing: 25kg/carton, bulk packing, small box, or by customer’s request


1. Manufacturers felt nails for sale:

  • Made of high quality raw material Q235steel wire.
  • Large flat head for superior fixation.
  • Free Samples and OEM, ODM Service.

Clout nails, also called roof felt nails, are a commonly used roofing nail. In order to fix the roofing felt better and keep it from falling off, they are designed as nails with larger heads. When using, it is best to add a felt gasket under the nail head to prevent water leakage at the nail hole.

Currently, 10mm and 15mm clout nails are the most popular among customers.

2. Application:

Commonly used to repair roofs and fix felts. The main purpose is to prevent the roofing felt from falling off and prevent water from entering the roof.

You can choose from different types of felt nails, some are smooth, while others have annular ring on the shank to make nails less likely to pull out.

3. Benefits of clout nails:

Smooth shank: High quality and low price, wide application

Annular shank: Due to the helical twist, these nails hold the material more firmly and are less likely to be pulled out

Screw shank: Compared with traditional nails, its fastening strength is increased by 5 times.

4. Package:

Most customers choose 25kg carton packaging. No need to worry about your special requirements, we provide customized packaging services. Whether it is a large package or a small package, as well as logo customization, we will arrange delivery after satisfactory communication.

5. Tips:

If you need to purchase clout nail (roof felt nail) in large quantities, the best way is to import directly from the manufacturer, and we will provide the most affordable price and the best service.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will have professionals to help you.