Drive Pin

drive pin
drive pin
drive pin
drive pin
drive pin
drive pin

Drive Pin

  • Material: C45, C55 Steel
  • Head Type: Flat head
  • Size: 1”-4”(2d-20d)
  • Head Diameter: 2.8mm-5mm
  • Length: 22-72mm
  • Surface Treatment: White-blue zinc plated, yellow zinc plated
  • Shank Type: Smooth, straight fluted
  • Packing: 25kg/carton, bulk packing, small box, or by customer’s request


1. Manufacturers concrete drive pinfor sale:

  • High strength steel nails.
  • No external power supply required.
  • Free Samples and OEM, ODM Service.

The drive pin(shooting nail) is a kind of high-strength steel nail, and it is also a special nail for the steel pin nailer. Nails usually need to be used in conjunction with a nail gun during operation.

The concrete drive pin is usually composed of a steel nail and a washer, and the gunpowder gas generated by the blank shell fired by the nail gun is used as the power, which can be driven into the interior of concrete or steel plate.


2. Applications:

The drive pin is commonly used building and decoration construction tools, and are usually used for fastening connections between light steel and concrete. Such as doors, windows, insulation boards, sound insulation layers, pipes, steel parts, wood products, etc., are firmly connected with the substrate.

Plus, the steel pin nailer doesn’t need to be connected to a power source, so it’s perfect for outdoors without power.

3. Benefits of shooting nail:

  • High-quality raw materials: the core hardness is HRC57
  • Lightweight, fast and requires no external energy
  • One-handed operation without drilling in advance
  • Drive pins with washers:the function of the washer is to fix the nail body in the barrel of the nail gun so as not to deflect when firing.

4. Package:

Most customers choose 25kg carton packaging. No need to worry about your special requirements, we provide customized packaging services. Whether it is a large package or a small package, as well as logo customization, we will arrange delivery after satisfactory communication.

5. Tips:

If you need to purchase concrete drive pin in large quantities, the best way is to import directly from the manufacturer, and we will provide the most affordable price and the best service.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will have professionals to help you.