Boat Nail

boat nail
boat nail
boat nail
boat nail

Boat Nail

  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass.
  • Material model: Q195, Q235, SS304, SS316.
  • Headtype: hexagon, oval, flat
  • Head diameter: 0.157″ – 0.472″.
  • Shank type: square.
  • Diameter: 5–16 gauge.
  • Length: 4/5″ – 6″.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, copper coated.
  • Package: 20/25 kg per carton or as client requirement.


1. Manufacturers boat nail for sale:

  • High quality raw material.
  • Various anti-corrosion coatings are durable.
  • Free Samples and OEM, ODM Service.

The specifications and sizes are as follows:

2. Applications:

Square boat nails, as the name suggests, are nails specially used for wooden boat construction.

Typically, they are also used for face-nail floors.

boat nail application

3. Benefits of boat nail:

  • Practical and durable.
  • Made of heavy duty steel wire.
  • Superior durability and retention.

4. Package:

Most customers choose 25kg carton packaging. No need to worry about your special requirements, we provide customized packaging services. Whether it is a large package or a small package, as well as logo customization, we will arrange delivery after satisfactory communication.

5. Tips:

If you need to purchase square boat nail in large quantities, the best way is to import directly from the manufacturer, and we will provide the most affordable price and the best service.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will have professionals to help you.