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Coil nail

  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Diameter: 2.1mm-2.8mm
  • Length: 25mm-89mm
  • Thread type: Plain, Ring, Electric Galvanized Or Zinc
  • Collation type: wire.
  • Shank type: smooth, ring, screw.
  • Point: diamond, chisel, blunt, pointless, clinch-point.
  • Surface treatment: bright, electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, phosphate coated.
  • Package: supplied in both retailer and bulk packs. 1000 pcs/carton.


1. Manufacturers coil wire nails for sale:

  • Strict quality control
  • Establish direct communication channels with manufacturers
  • Customized Coil Roofing Nails to Your Specific Needs

Coil nails, as they are also called collated siding nails, consist of a number of individual nails of the same size arranged together at equal distances and angles. The connector can be wire, and the nails are usually arranged at an angle of 15° and rolled into a coil for packaging and use. MTZ offers 3 types of shanked nails: smooth shanked nails, ring shanked nails, and spiral shanked nails. As a coil nail manufacturer, we also offer a dipping option.

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2. Application:

Coil roofing nails need to be used together with a coil nail gun. The efficiency of using coil nails is very high, which can effectively reduce labor and time costs, and is your best choice to shorten the construction period. Coil nails are widely used in construction, decoration and other industries. Please trust us as one of the professional coil nail suppliers.


3. Benefits of coil nail

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Tighter hold power
  • For use with 15° wire coil framing nailers.
  • Complete styles, gauges, and sizes are available.

4. Package

Most customers choose 1000pcs/carton package of collated siding nails. No need to worry about your special requirements, we provide customized packaging services. Whether it is a large package or a small package, as well as logo customization, we will arrange delivery after satisfactory communication.


5. Tips

If you want to work with an excellent coil nail manufacturer, MTZ is the best choice. Coil nail suppliers will provide the most affordable price and the best service.

If you are interested in coil roofing nail or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, coil nail supplier will have professionals to help you.